We, SEASTAR SRS is a privately owned company, based in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam, with full-service marine repair, maintenance and supply in all Viet Nam main ports, 

SEASTAR SRS has proven itself as a reliable and cost effective company, providing rapid response and intervention 24/7, with extensive experience in ship services, being ready to face any ship emergency situation.

The combination of knowledge and experience available to all staff, enables works done  quickly and effectively, always on schedule, providing the best possible result.


·         Ship repair, maintenance, modification, conversion and dry docking.

·         Technical services LSA, FFE, UTM, CO2 , electrical-electronic, automation, radio...

·         Engine and mechanical, hydraulic, HVAC & Refrigeration, steel works, pipe works, blasting and painting...

·         Diving : UWILD, CCTV, inspection, survey,  propeller polishing, in-water cleaning, cutting, welding... 

·         Cleaning : cargo hold, hull, deck, engine room, fuel tank...

·         Supply marine equipments, materials, spares and stores... 

·         Offshore marine and subsea services.

·         Logistics project, transport and ports services.

We also are able to offer afloat and emergency supply, repair  on vessels both inside and outside harbor.

Clients can count on us for services on 24 hours, 7 days a week basis all year round, with emphasis on :

        □  Shortest service duration.
        □   Very competitive and reasonable service cost.
        □   Qualified and disciplined workers.
        □   Safety-oriented and environment-protected practices.
        □   Responsible behavior.


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